Lunsjseminar 23.sept 2013 kl12: Ruth Hiller – A Jewish Voice For Peace

As a part of Kvekerhjelpens 50-year anniversary,
Ruth Hiller, one of the co-founders of the Israeli organization New Profile, will come and hold a special lecture at Fredshuset (the Peace House)!New profile is a feminist organization that works especially towards the demilitarization of the mindsets of Israelis. This is done through knowledge building where emphasis is put on the connection between militarization, inequality and sexism.”Today, Israel is capable of a determined peace politics. It need not be a militarized society. We are convinced that we ourselves, our children, our partners, need not go on being endlessly mobilized, need not go on living as warriors.”
To learn more about New Profile visit:

Lunch, coffee and tea will be served!

Looking forward to see you!

See Kvekerhjelpens ‘International Conference on nonviolence’ at Litteraturhuset for more information on Kvekerhjelpens 50-year anniversary 21 September.

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